Why re-live the horrors?

The start of my pregnancy went surprisingly smoothly. No morning sickness. No dizziness. No fainting. No sick days off work. Just a lot of peeing. I was surprised because, for as long back as I can remember, the pre-pregnant me was always the slightes bit nauseous in the mornings (or at least that’s my excuse for skipping breakfast all my life). I also have a baseline blood pressure lower than most – making me prone to collapsing in embarrassingly public places on the rare occasion. And finally, being employed in the NHS where the combination of stress, long hours, lost breaks and, of course, being constantly surrounded by and in close contact with contagion and disease, I became ill more pre-pregnancy than in my first two trimesters!

So, while I was cruising at the start of this new life journey, deep down I knew it was an ominous sign of things to come…

Unfortunately, I was right. From about week 28 of my pregnancy, things took a turn for the worse and it continued down hill from there. But more on that later.

The reason I have chosen to blog about my experiences is not to re-enforce that Hollywood notion that it was all worth it when I finally lay eyes on my son. (Of course, it was…but that does not change the fact that I am never having another child ever again). Rather, it is because I believe it to be the best way to pay-it-forward. If it weren’t for all those anonymous mothers out there whose insightful blogs and incredibly helpful forum posts/discussion threads I came across, I don’t know how I would have coped.

I spent hours on the internet reading information off official websites, including the NHS and NICE, and skimming the medical articles to which they referred. But it was the very real and individual experiences of women in which they shared details of their problems and some of their personally tried-and-tested solutions that helped me the most. How did people survive before the internet? Lucky for us, that is one thing we won’t need to find out the hard way…

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